Visitor management system

How many visitors do you have to your business on a daily basis? Whether you have one site or multiple sites, keeping track of your visitor records couldn't be easier with Solworks. Our intuitive system is adaptable to your brand and requirements and is scalable for your business.

It streamlines the booking process and stores all the data securely in the cloud for you to access on any device. The process is simple and easy to follow and can work alongside your current reception, or even become a virtual reception.

The benefits are endless, including saving time and money by automating your administrative processes. The real-time dashboard guarantees the security of your staff and visitors.

Complying with health and safety regulations, Solworks works offline. Visitors can check in and out, and when the connection is restored, all the data is uploaded and synced.

In the event of an emergency, you can quickly fetch a list of who is on-site, and either print this list or take a mobile device with you to your assembly point.

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