Adding the WOW to your welcome

The first impression of your company comes as soon as a visitor enters. Who comes into your organisation? Investors? Clients? Colleagues? Deliveries? They’re all important and valuable to your business, so the first priority is to make them feel comfortable being there.
What is it you want to communicate?

We have a few tips that can help add the ‘Wow’ into your welcome.

Car Park

We have all arrived on site with no parking spaces; blocking others in and not knowing where to leave the car, eventually deciding to park on the street and walking the rest of the way. Not the best start, especially for a first time visitor. Leave designated visitor spaces close to the entrance of your organisation, ensure staff are aware that these spaces must be left clear!


It’s obvious we know, but the reception needs to be clean, inviting and the decor should reflect your company values and missions. Whether this is showcasing work, foliage or art, add a little something to make it memorable.

Service with a smile

It’s no secret that receptionists are an integral part of an organisation’s productivity. Their welcoming personality and the ability to put people at ease is something that cannot be taught. Take the time to find the right person, they will ultimately be the face of your company. Recognise and reward the contribution that they make.

Streamline your booking process

You can get everything right, but if a visitor arrives and they’re unsure where to go, what to do and who to see, that first impression can quickly be tainted. Make your booking-in process clear and show visitors where to sign in ensuring that what to expect is clearly communicated.

It’s all in the detail

Small things make a big difference to someone’s experience. Offering them a bottle of cold water or a hot drink of their choice will always be appreciated. Maybe guidance on where the restroom is if they have spent hours travelling, or even a tour round the office to make them more comfortable. A personalised experience can do wonders for your brand appearance.

It is clear that the people in your company make up your successful business, so let us take the leg work out and leave you the time to concentrate on what’s really important- building relationships.

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